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Church of England Primary School

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Cockerham Parochial C E Primary School Governing Body



Mrs Lesley Brookbanks -  BDBE Foundation Governor

Chair of Governors

Link Governor

Term of office: 01/12/2020 - 30.11.2024



Mrs Sue Tresilian - Local Authority Governor

Vice Chair of Governors

Maths Governor

Term of office:18/11/2019 - 18/11/2023



Reverend Gary Lewis, vicar – Ex-officio

Term of office: 14.05.2014  onwards

Worship and RE Governor

Committee member of:  Finance and staffing, Pay appeals, Church School Distinctiveness, Standards and Effectiveness



Mrs Olivia Haines - Parent Governor

English Governor

Committee member of: Resources

Term of office: 30/11/2020 - 29/11/2024



Mr Andrew MackerethBDBE Foundation Governor

Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

Committee member of: Resources

Term of office: 12.01.2021 - 11.01.2025



Mrs Michelle Glen - Parent Governor

Term of office: 7th Feb 2019 - 6th Feb 2023

SEN and Pupil Premium Governor

Committee member of:  Standards & Effectiveness



Mr Dan Creed - PCC Foundation Governor

Term of office: 07/02/2019-06/02/2023

Committee member of Safeguarding, CLA, Prevent and Child Prevention, Website and online safety and remote learning 

Committee member of: Resources



Mrs Judith Brucciani – Staff representative

Term of office: 09.10 2013 - 08.10. 2021

Committee member of: Standards and Effectiveness



Mrs Angela Ayrton - (Observer)

Term of office: 17.09.2001 onwards

Committee member of: Resources 

Mrs Ayrton does not have voting rights on the Finance and Staffing committee.



Mrs Kathryn Hutchins – Acting Head teacher – Ex-officio

Term of office: 01.09.2021 onwards

Committee member of : Admissions, Resources, Standards and Effectiveness, Church School Distinctiveness



SEN Governors' Statement to Parents

The school wishes to support children with Special Educational and Behavioural Needs and their integration into mainstream schooling. The school will identify any child with special needs and then discuss with parents the appropriate action required. Following the stages of the code of practice, a child with special needs will be registered in the school files at the relevant stage.


The School currently has 12 children on the SEN register at SEN Support and 1 pupil with an EHC plan. Each child has an Individual Education Plan containing specific short term targets. Cockerham School uses PIVATs 5 for pre-key stage targets and assessment.


All of the children on the register receive varying amounts of support.  All IEPs are reviewed termly and parents and children are invited to the reviews, where previous targets are discussed and if appropriate, new targets are set. IEPs are reviewed half-termly in EYFS.


If a child at SEN Support is seen not to be making progress, despite extra input from school, then advice is sought from outside agencies. This can lead to extra funding if the child's performance is significantly below age related expectations, according to the results of specific testing.


At present, according to statistics comparing our SEN children's progress with those nationally, our results show that progress is outstanding with children achieving far beyond the levels expected.


TheSEN Policy and Information Report are (which are available on the website and in school) are ongoing plans showing how the School is attempting to meet its responsibilities to improve access in all areas for all users of the School.  The Disability Equality Scheme (also available on the website and in school) outlines in detail how the School is attempting to eliminate discrimination in as many areas as possible.


The school’s Special Needs Co-ordinator is Mrs Brucciani and the Special Needs Governor is Mrs Michelle Glen. The school’s Educational Psychologist can be contacted through Cockerham School.

Governing Body Meetings 2021-2022

All committees are 4:30pm and Full Governors are held at 6:30pm

Autumn Term 2021

  • Resources                     Wed 22 September 2021
  • SEC 1                             Tues 28 September 2021
  • Vision and Values        Wed 13 October 2021
  • SEC 2                             Thurs 18 November 2021
  • Full Governors              Thurs 25 November 2021


Spring Term 2022

  • Resources                     Wed 26 January 2022
  • SEC 1                             Wed 2 February 2022
  • Vision and Values        Wed 16th February 2022
  • SEC 2                             Thurs 10 March 2022
  • Full Governors             Thurs 17 March 2022.


Summer Term 2022

  • Resources                     Wed 18 May 2022
  • SEC 1                             Wed 25 May 2022
  • Vision and Values        Wed 8 June 2022
  • SEC 2                             Thurs 30 June 2022
  • Full Governors              Thurs 14 July 2022









Governors' meeting dates and attendance

Cockerham Parochial C E Primary School

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2020/21

Governing Body Meeting                                                                  Date & attendance

Date & attendance


Date & attendance       

Date & attendance Date & attendance 
Full Governing Body16.11 202008.03.2021


Mrs L Brookbanks Chair PresentPresent  
Mr D Woodhead ChairPresent         
Mrs D Holland Clerk to the Governors LCCPresentPresentPresent  
Rev. G. LewisPresentPresentPresent  
Mrs J Cookson HeadteacherPresentPresentPresent  
Mrs M GlenPresentPresentPresent  
Mr D CreedApologies PresentPresent  
Mr S ScottPresentPresent   
Mrs S Tresilian Vice ChairPresentApologiesApologies  
Mrs J BruccianiPresentPresentPresent  
Mrs A Ayrton (Observer)PresentPresentPresent  
Mrs J Fryer LEA Area North school advisorPresent    
Mr S Whittaker Blackburn Diocesan Director of EducationPresent    
Mrs O Haines PresentApologies  
Mr A Mackereth PresentPresent  
Standards and Effectiveness03.11.202010.02.202117.03.202110.05.2021            06.07.2021                  
Mrs L Brookbanks Chair  PresentPresentPresent 
Rev. G LewisApologiesApologiesPresent


Mrs J Cookson HeadteacherPresentPresentPresentPresent 
Mrs M GlenPresentPresentPresentPresent 
Mr D CreedPresentPresentPresentApologies 
Mrs O Haines 




Mrs S Tresilian 

Vice Chair

Mrs J BruccianiPresentPresentPresentPresent 
Mr D Woodhead ChairPresent    
D CarrollPresent    
Mrs D Holland Clerk to Governors PresentPresentPresent 
Mrs M Goggin (Observer) PresentPresentPresent 
Finance and Staffing03.11.202009.02.2021  19.05.2021  
Mrs L Brookbanks Chair PresentPresent  
Mr A Mackereth PresentPresent  
Mr D Creed  Present  
Rev. G Lewis ApologiesPresent Present    
Mrs A Ayrton (Observer)PresentPresentPresent  
Mrs J Cookson HeadteacherPresentPresentPresent  
Mrs D Carroll Present    
Mr D Woodhead ChairPresent    

Buildings, Health and Safety

(Buildings, Health and Safety, Finance and Staffing is now the  Resources Committee from 19.05.2021)


Mrs L Brookbanks


Mr A Mackereth Chair Present   
Mr R Scott Present   
Mrs J Cookson Headteacher Present   
Mr D Creed Apologies